Family Law, Divorce, Adoption, and Child Custody

family law, divorce, custody

Ray and Thatcher has always provided skilled litigation experience in the areas of family law, child custody, divorce and adoption.

Contested Divorce

Contested divorces are always difficult and painful. Splitting property and children is never easy. At Ray and Thatcher, we understand. We have more than 47 years of divorce practice, and we try to handle your divorce in as efficient, competent, and caring manner as possible.

Mr. Ray usually handles divorces with large assets — the property divorces — because of his business knowledge. These divorces are not about the children, but about how to divide the property obtained in the community period of the marriage. No one wants to give up their fair share of these assets. The Court always will require a Mediation prior to trial wherein the division of property is discussed and most of the time compromise is reached. If no compromise, then the case goes to the Judge or in some instances, Jury.

An experienced trial litigator, like Mr. Ray, is an advantage throughout the whole process.  He will be there for you if your case is argued before a Jury or a Judge. His experience will benefit your case.

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Uncontested Divorce

These usually start with one or the other of the marriage partners signing a waiver. They will not contest the divorce. However, so many times, these uncontested divorces become contested.  We handle uncontested divorces for a very reasonable fee. And if it remains uncontested, we prepare the Divorce Decree, which is something we do precisely, and a non-lawyer might not do correctly. If the divorce becomes contested, then you have already chosen the right lawyer for a contest.

Adoptions and Terminations

This is a process that takes on average eight months or more from beginning to end. Hopefully the adoption will not be contested, because a contested adoption can be very difficult and time consuming. Frequently, a grandparent will adopt a grandchild when the parent(s) are no longer able to care for the child for whatever reason. At Ray and Thatcher, we frequently handle adoptions and terminations to include name changes.

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