Civil, Land, and Business Litigation


This firm represents a number of business clients from the largest corporations to the smallest sole proprietorships in their business litigation.  

Civil & Business Litigation

Disputes over business matters, and of course, money, require an attorney to fight for the rights of his clients in Court and to also have the acumen to provide sound business advice. Since the Canton office has a well-developed trial litigation reputation, it is selected by businesses of every description.

Some of Mr. Ray’s clients include Wyeth—Ayers in the Fen-Phen diet pill suit, Kohler, Cooper tire, All-American Plains Transportation, Hatfield Restorations, Inc., Van Zandt Newspapers, LLC, and Overhead Door Company.

Land Litigation

Everyone who owns land does not want to be encroached upon, nor do they want to be cheated or robbed of their land. That is just our human nature. Gerald O’Hara said it best — “Land is the only thing worth fighting for, worth dying for… because it is the only thing that lasts.”

Makes no difference if your land is in the country or the city, it is still valuable to you. This area of the law requires knowledge of not only land law, but also lots of trial experience. Frequently, land disputes are not settled and will go to trial. The Canton Office also prepares Warranty Deeds, Deeds of Trust, and Vendor’s lien notes etc. for the transfer of land ownership. The attorney fees vary according to the complexity of the transfer, but most are very reasonable per document.


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