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Mr. Ray, as a former probate court judge himself – County Judge 1974 to 1982 – and has handled countless Guardianship, Estate and Will matters.

When Mr. Ray first moved home to Van Zandt County, he became the youngest County Judge in Texas. While he was sitting on the bench, he ruled on hundreds of Probate matters, Estate proceedings, Adult Guardianships, and Will Contests. As a Judge, he learned Estate and Probate law from a different perspective than other practicing attorneys. This experience has served him well. Now, he is a practicing attorney before other Judges, who respect his knowledge and ability. He has handled thousands of Probates and Estate matters, including jury trial litigations.

Probate in Texas

Probate is a Texas Court procedure whereby a Will is proved to be valid or invalid, and the estate of the deceased is administered. Because the estates involve property and/or money, the Probate Court (usually the County Court in each county in Texas) requires an accounting of the income, disbursements and expenses. Often, disputes arise about who is in charge of the estate and how the property and/or money are handled. Because there are several legal steps to follow to create an estate, dispense the estate, and close an estate, it is important to hire an attorney, preferably one who has experience in all matters of a Probate proceeding.

Mr Ray has that Experience.

Attorney Richard Ray has experience with Will Contests, Adult Guardianships (usually where the adult is incapacitated), and all matters involved in Estate and Trust Litigation. He has represented executors, administrators, heirs, and beneficiaries in small to large estates and trusts. His many years of trial work (litigation) give him an “edge” over other attorneys.

Texas Counties that we serve for Probate and Estate Litigation:

Van Zandt, Henderson, Smith, Rains, Kaufman, Wood, & Hunt Counties

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