Social Security Disability

 Senior couple with man in wheelchairSocial Security Disability Law is a focus for the law firm of Ray and Thatcher. Since 1974, our firm has been on the cutting edge of Social Security and SSI disability law, handling thousands of Social Security cases in East Texas.

We have watched the Social Security Administration change from mountainous paper files to internet and electronic communications. In the past 50 years, our clients have received millions of dollars in past due benefits, thanks to Mr. Ray and Mrs. Thatcher.

Claim Monitoring

Understanding how your benefits are calculated

We understand how the Social Security Administration calculates benefits. If your claim is approved, we monitor your claim to be sure that you are paid correctly. We understand that there are problems which can arise when a person collects Social Security and Workers’ Compensation or VA (Veteran’s Administration) benefits. We can guide you through these matters.

Assistance and Answers

Let us do the legwork for you!

We will assist you with the routine matters on your claim, such as filing your appeals on time and assisting you in completing standard Social Security questionnaires. We will obtain your doctors’ records, as well as reports and interrogatories. These things can be very burdensome to you, but are routine for us.

Additionally, we have a highly skilled staff that is dedicated to keeping your claim running smoothly. They are able to quickly and knowledgeably answer your questions. Although hiring an attorney will not necessarily speed the process, we regularly follow the status of your claim to be sure it is being processed properly.


Understanding your impairments

Claims can be won on the basis of one impairment, either physical or psychological, or can be won on the basis of a combination of impairments. There are times when vocational factors such as age, education, and work history are important.

  • We are experienced in reading medical records and understanding the nature of complex diseases and injuries.
  • We know what information is important to obtain from your doctors.
  • We can help the Administrative Law Judge assigned to your claim understand these issues and help you tell “your story”.

Filing, Hearings & Appeals

Representing you at each stage of your claim

We will assist you with all stages of your claim, including representing you at administrative hearings, and on appeal to the Appeals Council, if necessary.  We are also qualified to appeal your denial of benefits in Federal Court.

In preparation for your administrative hearing, we will explain what issues are most important and will prepare you for the questions that the judge is likely to ask.

On appeal in Federal Court we will submit written legal arguments and will attend oral arguments if required. Non-attorney representatives cannot do this for you, and it is very difficult for a non-represented claimant to understand what issues are most important in these proceedings!

We will assist you with all stages of your Social Security disability claim:

  • initial application
  • request for reconsideratio
  • administrative hearing

We will assist you with all the paperwork and make sure your appeals are filed on time.

We’ll vigorously represent you at your administrative hearing and we can appeal your case to Federal Court, if needed.

In preparation for your administrative hearing, we will explain what issues are most important and can submit written legal arguments on your behalf.  Our extensive jury trial experience gives us the ‘edge’ over the other claimant’s representatives.

Attorney fees are set by statute – no attorney or representative is allowed to collect a fee until the client wins (twenty-five percent of past due benefits.)

There is never a charge for a consultation with our office concerning SSDI or SSI.

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We will collect NO ATTORNEY FEE unless we win your claim. We really want to help you win!


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